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Is My Husband A Pervert?

Women shocked when boyfriend, husband expresses desire to be keept chaste, denied orgasms.

No Penetrative Sex

Is a dislike of conventional sexuality part of the appeal of relationships that incorporate male chastity?

Is It Phallocentric?

Is enforced chastity more rewarding for the male or the female?

Makes Men Better

Does orgasm denial make spouses behave better?

Why Tease & Denial?

Is male orgasm denial desire rooted in frustrated adolescent lust?

Post-Orgasm Behavior

Why are men rude, selfish if allowed to have an orgasm?

Asking for Orgasms

The emotional complexity of enforced male chastity play in loving power exchange relationships.

Men Who Hate Orgasms

Enforced male chastity - can it serve any purpose with a submissive male who does not enjoy orgasming?

As a Cure?

Enforced chastity as a form of behavior modification, conditioning to eliminate unhealthy sexual desires.

Wife-Led Orgasm Management

The reality of male orgasm denial in a female led marriage or relationship.

Orgasm Denial As Therapy

Treating - erectile dysfunction and male impotence with mandatory chastity.

Premise : Many Different Reasons

Orgasm denial is practiced for different reasons and with assorted goals. There is no one true way.

Male Chastity 7 : Bondage

Male chastity devices are both physical restraints and symbolic expressions of a man's submissiveness.

Male Chastity 6 : Misbehavior

Do men become less submissive, willfully annoying after orgasm to insure their penises are put back in chastity devices.

Male Chastity 5 : Gender Dysphoria

Transgendered males, confused by their sexual identity may unconsciously seek chastity as a confirmation of their gender identity.

Male Chastity 4 : Sexual Guilt

Men who crave chastity because their lust, sexual desires make them feel sinful, wicked, bad.

Male Chastity 3 : Manliness

Needing to be kept chaste testifies to a man's powerful sex drive.

Male Chastity 2 : Power Exchange

Denying a man orgasms is a very clear and basic form of domination.

Male Chastity 1 : Erotic Play

Tease and denial as a means of boosting lust, intensifying sex.

Orgasm Denial is the Best Training?

Do male slaves control the discussion of enforced male chastity regimens.

Refractory Period

Post-coital behavior may be as much gender biochemistry as psychology.

Chastity Meme

Hows, whys and wherefores of erotic male orgasm denial in play and relationships.

Changes at Mistress Lori's

Silly sexist propaganda shouldn't be used to push male orgasm denial play as a form of moral improvement or marital purity.

Chastity Podcasts

Discussions of, group conversations on consensual erotic orgasm denial, male chastity.


A Domme seems unhappy, feels that she failed in allowing her husband/slave to have an orgasm inside her.


Chastity as an expression of manhood.


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