As a Cure?

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A report I once found - source lost - of use of orgasm denial to cure a man of an undesirable fetish:

The device used was a rather wickedly uncomfortable one, so that any online activity that browsed bestiality sites became painful and unsatisfying. The poor fellow phoned me once in misery because hed just driven along the highway and grown hard, in his device, at the sight of a mare urinating in a field; he berated himself, breaking down over the phone, telling himself and Me that he was sick and perverted and that no normal man would have responded the same way. I quickly reminded him that since hed spent the last 18 months of his life jacking off to the imagery of horses online, the conditioning wasnt really so remarkable or far fetched.

True? Fantasy? I don’t know. Haven’t run across similar reports of this kind of “therapy.”

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