Asking for Orgasms

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Devastatingyet shares the effect going three or four days without an orgasm has on her lover:

This has been a tricky kind of play for us. In the beginning, I got a lot of hinting about how I should (basically) make him go a long time in between, and how hard it would be to make him beg. It turns out that reducing Jos to an absolute orgasm-craving mess is not actually that difficult.

I have to confess to feeling faintly envious: I miss that crazy need to come. Not that I don’t enjoy my orgasms. But it isn’t like it was at twenty when the problem seemed to be how to hide the recurrant erections as I went about my day.

He has a problem common to many of us submissive guys (certainly me):

One problem he’s having is that it is difficult to ask “authority figures” for favors. He feels that he has nothing to offer me in return, because he has already given me everything that he has to give (by being my slave). Many things are wrong with this idea, to wit:

Read the rest of her explanation in a little orgasm trauma

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There are 3 rules my Goddess has given to me to remember… Rule 1: She decides when, where, and how she wants pleasure. Rule 2:Her pleasure is my only goal Rule 3: Refer back to rule one!

i am always required to ask permission to to have a orgasm only if she has decided to use me for her pleasure. i am to hold my release until she has had all the orgasms she wants… then She may give me permission to have release. Most of the time she will almost let me orgasm…then she will stop me and put me back into my chastity CB6K.

If i ask for sex & release i will be punished and referred back to rule 1. Punishment can mean many weeks locked in chasity….i have learned my 3 rules very well now!!!

The orgasm release is a gift…a reward… for my service to my Goddess.

Good! hahah so how long did it take you to learn the 3 rules moron?

LOL the comment above me made me laugh so hard.

For the past 3 or so years, I must ALWAYS ask to have an orgasm and never get more than 3 per month. After I have had my 3, I am not even allowed to ask for another until a new month.

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