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I’ve raised the topic of consensual erotic orgasm denial on Fetish Meme:

Enforced male chastity has lots of lore - folklore - and discussions of how to make it work. Which belt is best, comfort, cleanliness: it can be a complicated kink. Let us not forget all that horrendous silly talk about enforced chastity as morally improving.

And that ever-popular question: how long should the guy go without an orgasm.

Chastity and Orgasm Denial

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Males should be in orgasm denial forever. It’s even important to deny prostate milking except maybe one time every two or three months. Females are supposed to have orgasms, not males. That’s just the way it is supposed to be. It’s best to have several different CB6000s in different colors for variety and a number of other denial devises. They need to be changed every day. Your male slaves need to be supervised every time the devise is removed. If you don’t they will likely masturbate and we all know we just don’t want our guys to cum. I have sent mine for laser hair removal as shaving them becomes a pain in after a while. I make my male slaves completely hairless except for a slight skinny belt of hair just above their penis which I make them die blond. This mainly for my pleasure as I like to pull on it sometimes and I like the look of it. When setting around, I have a lvery low coffee table almost on the ground. It’s fun to make them set on the floor and place their balls and penis inside a CB6000 and make them watch me as I cum. It’s important for them to watch you cum when they are not involved in it as men are visual and it gives them a burning desire. You can have sex with them once in a while by making them place a dildo type devise on a strap or some of the new ones that will fit right over CB6000s. They can feel nothing which is whole the idea. Chastity.

I think semi-permanent chastity is the ultimate attitude. For me, having my manhood relgated to a joke, is part of the lifestyle.

Elimnating it totally is not the way to control and bubjegate a willing sub.

“Chastity Smith” sounds like s/he’s been reading too much wank porn on teh intertubez. Certainly, he’s (‘cos the writing style is masculine) has no idea what the CB6000 is, or how chastity devices seem to work.

And how do you “bubjegate” somebody? Do you need batteries?

Chastity Smith sounds like a movie cowboy from the 1930s. You have to admit that business about the different colors is just plain hilarious.

I’ve been in my cage now since June 15th and she says I’m staying in at least until next June 15th… maybe longer. I’m wearing “The Mistress”, a custom made custom sized stainless steel chastity device that can be found at Chastity Heaven. This is the most comfortable device I have ever tried which is why my wife is demanding that I wear it indefinitely. These are sleeker than Lori’s and much lighter.

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