Is My Husband A Pervert?

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Your husband - or boyfriend - has confessed to you that he wants you to lock his penis up in a CB6000 or other male chastity device.

You are shocked. What is wrong with the man? Are you in love with a sick pervert?

If your husband / boyfriend is mentally ill it is not because he wants you to control his orgasms.

Penises can be funny things.

While voluntary erotic male chastity doesn’t get the mass media coverage as the flashy folks who wear leather and vinyl it is one of the most common forms of atypical sexuality. Wearing MCDs - male chastity devices - isn’t that rare: after dildos MCDs are among the most commonly purchased sex toys.

Not All Male Chastity Enthusiasts Are Alike

For some couples preventing the guy from masturbating is a way to build up his sexual enthusiasm. When the MCD comes off after a couple of days or maybe a week the sex that follows is hot, passionate and very satisfying. For both partners.

An improved sex life can persuade many of a wife or girlfriend take pleasure in controlling their lover’s orgasms.

Some make games of it with little rules and regulations. That can work out well if not too complicated and encumbering.

There is talk of enforced male chastity making men more responsive and attentive. Easy to understand a woman finding that troubling in a man she loves. That rhetoric at times just reflects an attempt by the guy to convince the woman that the endeavor is worth pursuing.

In some men the desire to have their sexuality leashed reflects a more general desire to be dominated by a woman. He may be seeking erotic female domination. Perhaps extreme BDSM. You need to get him to talk to you honestly to discern what his real needs and desires are. But don’t assume the “worst” until the two of you have had a few heart-to-heart conversations.

Regardless the man, above all, wants his wife or girlfriend to enjoy taking control of his orgasms. To do so half-heartedly will only lead to sadness and disappointment.

Some men change their minds once giving orgasm denial a try. But only a few.

You do need to understand that the desire for chastity is probably not a passing fancy. It isn’t going away if you pretend he never expressed desire. Ignoring his need will leave him feeling perpetually disappointed and frustrated. And may prove a sign of real and permanent sexual incompatibility.

But no, he isn’t sick. Just wired a bit differently.

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after dildos MCDs are among the most commonly purchased sex toys.

You wouldn’t happen to have a cite or more info on that, would you? I would have guessed that after dildos, it would have been handcuffs or bondage equipment, then perhaps paddles or crops.

You use the term “atypical sex” as if there were such a thing as “typical sex.” ;)

Anyway you bring up the key point: talk about it! A guy who is willing to bring up the topic obviously trusts you a lot.

It really doesn’t matter how many men do it: 3 billion (more or less) or just your man. This is not destructive behavior; there is no harm to him or anyone else. It may be unusual (or not) but it is not evil or perverted.

You may, of course, object for any number of reasons, however objecting on the grounds that the practice is perverted or an indication of mental imbalance are not valid ones.


That was a case of my brain not noticing what my fingers were typing.

The CBs sell very well for sex toys in their price range. And exceptionally well to F/m couples and men.

I think most who encounter chastity for the first time, whether on males or females will regard it as perverted. Personally I have had vanilla boyfriends who I “persuaded” to try chastity and pretty soon they realised the benefits. I do not think I have had a partner in the last 10 years who has not experienced chastity, I insist on it, it is non negotiable. It works in many way already mentioned and brings the two of you closer together.

Chastity is a perversion. im not saying it’s bad, but, truth be told, it’s a perversion. to that extent many people are right, but it’s no more perverted then a sexy nurse outfit or a pair of hand cuffs, in fact it has more realistic use then any other sex toy, especially on an equal-terms relationship, where chastity is used to prevent cheating and it also brings couples closer together by preventing masturbation so all sexual energy is spent on the partner not the tissues.

anon’s comment above shows a lot of judgment. I’d have to say nothing is a perversion if it’s done with 2 consensual adults. To say otherwise is judgmental. What people usually consider perverse is something they wouldn’t do or hadn’t considered. It’s like driving a car. Anyone going faster than you is a Maniac, anyone going slower than you is an Idiot. (Oh, and let’s not discount the beneficial role masturbation plays in relationships. Nothing mediates unequal sex drives quite like a good solo session!)

I love the idea of a COMFORTABLE MCD. I have no idea if I’m a pervert or not! I’m sure to a lot of people I would be but I try not to hang out on an intimate basis with any of them! Chastity is what is being taught in schools now so how could that be perverted? Of course I also like a lot of things that might go with the use of an MCD….being “forced” to be naked around the house or other places where no one will see, being tied up, used and “abused.” I have a VERY sexual nature so it’s not always easy to be chaste voluntarily although that is a good test. It’s nice to know that this is a fairly common fantasy among men. So I really like the comment above that nothing is perverted when practised by two people (or more!) consensually. Many days I wish I had a personality that leaned more toward dominance but I find I am happiest when I am serving the woman I love. And I think we will see more and more of this as time goes by. Not for “fetish” reasons but simply because women are better and fairer “rulers.” But that is another story in itself. So…here’s to MCD’s and everything else that comes with them…like much greater intimacy, much better sex, better and more fulfilling communications and happier couples!!

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