Male Chastity 7 : Bondage

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Male Chastity

Submissive straight men, by their very nature, desire and need to feel under the thumb ( - heel - ) of a dominant woman. To be subdued by her. Often - on some level - helpless.

That is the root of the general appeal of bondage for all submissive persons. Physical limitation can be a satisfyingly unambiguous experience of a top’s control.

The CB-6000 aside from the obvious purpose of male orgasm regulation is a bondage device, albeit a very specialized one. It is bondage a man can experience when away from a dominant, even in public without embarrassment. Instances of thwarted erections are frustrating yet joyous highpoints of his submission.

A male chastity device is a tangible symbol of the power exchange.

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WE are a senior married couple we have been married for 40 plus years- since we discovered the value and fun of enforced male chastity our life and love has never been better- I love the 20 year old horny feeling I get when I am locked up Techster

I think I was born a submissive male. Before I even knew what a cuckold was I was allowing my (already cheating, unknown to me) wife to go out and get laid then tell me about it while I beat off or had seconds. Later on I felt a NATURAL urge to lick her B/F’s cum from her pussy. A few times we had a 3 some with a friend of mine from work. I wanted to suck his cock for my wife but was scared. So I made her tell him to fuck her and cum in her so I could lick it out. I latter sucked his dick then let him fuck me. At this point my wife had fucked me in the ass 20 times or so. And had cuckolded me for 10 years. oh yea today is my first day in chastity. I finely got the nerve to buy one. She told her (mean) girlfriend about it before I tried it on. When I was done fitting it she locked it and took the keys. An evil look took over her. She said she felt the evil bitch coming out after she locked it up and hid the keys. She likes it when I beg so she can say no and tease me. She’s already teased my balls 4 times and laughed when it started to hurt from growing to much in to small a space!

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Male Chastity 7 : Bondage
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