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I note in reading female domination blogs that there appears to be a class of couples who no longer have penetrative sex. When let out of his chastity device he wanks. Her orgasms are induced by a vibrator, dildo or cunnilingus.

It baffles me that those dominant women prefer a vibrator than a human body. But my own response doesn’t preclude it from being a legitimate sexual response. After all some people are asexual.

It may be that this allows women who otherwise would not have a fulfilling sex life because of some sort of early conditioning against conventional copulation to find erotic satisfaction within marriage.

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My wife only allows me to have sex with her once a year. when she lets me out of my lock once a month for years now I am only allowed to jack off. she sometimes jacks me off but most of the time it is just me doing it in bed next to her. after I am finished lock goes back on and then I usually eat her out.

So your wife doesn’t like a man insider her but tolerates it once a year as a favor to you?

Angelo, That is correct my Wife does not like me or anything inside of her. It seems to hurt her too bad so I really dont like to it anyway. We have sex on my b-day first week in december been that way for almost ten years now.

You have an amazing marriage. Thank you!

I think you are making a big leap when you speak about these women when you just assume they are that way “because of some sort of early conditioning against conventional copulation” My wife and I stopped having penetrative sex after her change of life, but she enjoyed sex before that. We’re trying natural hormone replacement therapy because she would like to be able to enjoy it again, but it’s just too painful for her. I would never even think to ask her to put up with the pain even once a year for me. Of course maybe my wife’s pain is worse than Thom’ wife but if she will only do it once a year, that sounds like it’s pretty bad for her. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself if I knew I was hurting my wife, but she wouldn’t put up with pain if I was causing it. She has no such problem however when it’s the other way around :-) YMMV

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