Orgasm Denial As Therapy

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Warning of the dangers of “overmasturbation” and selling miracle cures is one of the many shabby little businesses that about on the web.

But some men can make too much of a good thing. A heavy grip, high velocity can desensitize a penis. And it is possible to become too habituated to the way the penis is held. Unknowingly a man conditions himself to associate orgasms with physical conditions another body can’t reproduce.

Similarly fantasies of beautiful women, forever obliging or other unrealizable fantasies may impede a man from enjoying sex with a real person.

A man becomes impotent except when having sex with anything other than his own hand.

Enforced abstinence may allow the penis to recover normal tactile responsiveness. And step away from dreams of perfection and more able to enjoy his flesh and blood lover.

For a limited group of men orgasm denial may serve the purpose Viagra and Cialis do for others.

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I am a married male totally addicted to masturbation and no longer able to have penetrative sex because of it. I have tried orgasm management several times to see if that would help me regain the ability to perform sexual intercourse. I have tried to restrict the frequency of masturbation on my own as well as using a male chastity device under the supervision of my wife. Unfortunately it did not seem to work for me. Though I was able to reduce masturbation, it did not increase my copulatory competence. In fact, before I succumbed to total masturbatory impotence, I noticed little correlation between masturbation frequency and copulatory success. Of course, if I exhausted myself with intense and repeated masturbation in a short period, I would certainly fail to achieve or maintain erections for coitus. But if I abstained from masturbating for 3 or 4 days (a very long abstinence for me), I was no more likely to remain erect and potent in a vagina.

Fantasies are a great way to heighten libido, the more one can genuinely explore these fantasies within a caring and loving relationship, the more passionate. This implies finding the motivation, teasing and seducing each-other… of course other things will get in the way, that’s life.

Then there is also physical health, excercise is the best way to re-energise the body.

So many things can influence libido. So, one really must be attentive to one-another, which is difficult with so many distractions.

Chastity play seems a wonderful fantasy, which I think a couple can benefit a great deal from exploring. It makes the man so much more desiring, and the woman can have so much fun with this, and even help her man excel and be a better lover. Play with it, tell him he won’t get any satisfaction unless he follows your loving instructions :d… results guaranteed lol.

I’m a 57 year old male, who is a strong believer and user of extended male orgasm denial as a treatment for impotency. I suffered from chronic masturbation and impotency until being trained by a therapist to restrict orgasms to once per week. Practicing this for a year (approx. 50 orgasms) will give an older man the prowess of a 17 year old. It is difficult at first, but once you experience a week’s denial and the thrill of seeing a strong erection, it becomes more addictive to practice denial. You need a good female partner who teases you and trains you to retain your orgasms to demonstrate self-control as a man. The use of enforced chastity devices, where your penis is caged and only your female trainer has the key, is advised for as much of the denial period as possible. The therapist I worked with installed the device and removed it for training me. We agreed on a release day each Sunday. During the week, penis erection training sessions where the penis was teased, masturbated and denied would be performed 3-4 days for about 1 hour per day. The therapist controls the process with no touching by the male and then returns you to chastity afterwards. On Sunday, I was released quickly and returned to chastity until the next day. After a few weeks, you as a man become erect on command when the device is removed and you have overcome impotency as a man. Phase II training involves teasing to erection, then the female therapist sits on the erect penis and controlled penetration occurs for a designated of thrusts. She then stops and you are returned to chastity in a state of incredible erection until the next encounter. Phase III involves the therapist training you for an extended denial period that prohibits ejaculation for periods of 15 days, a month, 45 days, 2 months and then 3 months. Once you get past the initial learning curve, I have found that you want to not cum for longer-and-longer periods as you learn to focus on penis erection instead of ejaculation. In short, male orgasm denial will work for a number of interested men who are willing to submit to the process.

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