Orgasm Denial is the Best Training?

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Trust Laura Goodwin to be sensible about the wacky world of the psychology of enforced male chastity as it is often presented on the web:

Lots of male slaves assert that orgasm denial is the best way to train a male, but I haven’t actually observed that this is true. Ladies, why take the slave’s word for it in these matters? Aren’t we the ones to decide?

While the effect of post-orgasm hormone released is most often mentioned when writing about female sexuality it isn’t as if men are exempt.

Scientifically speaking, men do secrete increased levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin after orgasm (AKA the “mothering hormone”), and when they live with you and depend on you for love are likely to have increased daily levels of soothing endorphins as well.

The thread this is extracted from contains some of the usual nonsense about testosterone that is best ignored.

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I love Laura Goodwin. I have a soft spot for brash, outspoken women who just happen to look hot in leather.

And of course, she’s from my neck of the woods.

I have no idea what she looks like. I’ll have to look for a photograph some day.

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