Post-Orgasm Behavior

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Men and women often say that a man in a chastity regimen is less attentive once allowed an orgasm. He may be less likely to help with household tasks or even rude.

That creates a sad, very negative image of the men: being allowed sexual release renders them impolite and selfish. Is it really that simple?

Perhaps their misbehavior is a way of ensuring that orgasm control will be resumed. An invisible sort of topping from the bottom as it were. (And why not?)

Seems a kinder way of seeing the men than the stereotypes.

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You hit this on the head. It’s simply another way of saying “all men are pigs, lower life forms, etc.”

But your idea about topping from the bottom may be accurate for some.

The way I see it, submission comes from the heart, not the crotch. If someone is submissive to another, that submission will still be there when they’re not horny (like after an orgasm.) If the submission is gone when the sexual desire is gone, what does that say about the state of the relationship?

Fact is, men get sleepy after we have an orgasm. Climaxing releases the tension. Patient training by a male’s Female Owner can remedy this, but She will need to reinforce the training frequently with He whip.

One good way to do this is to institute the inflexible rule that each and every time a male cums, it must lick and swallow all the ejaculate … whether it is in Mistress’s pussy (bonus: a second orgasm for Her if She controls things right), on Her footwear, bare feet, or the floor. No exceptions: lick every single drop, and Her whip keeps him moving. After that, he can light Her cigarette, bring Her a drink, or just lick Her feet until She, too, falls asleep.

Bootlicker describes that training regimen very evocatively…

Bootlicker has left many comment on some of my blogs for years now. Often his comment is better than my original post.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Post-Orgasm Behavior.


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Post-Orgasm Behavior
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