Refractory Period

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I was thinking that I’d read somewhere that it is the hormone prolactin that can cause different post-orgasmic behavior in men and women. Both release the hormone after orgasming. How the biochemistry of this hormonal explosion differs between genders it yet to be understood.

Whatever the generalizations about male behavior, women are the winners. Females have the capacity for multiple orgasms; men undergo what is called the refractory period. Guys would be delighted to be able to experience successful rushes of pleasure.

Physiological differences should always be remembered before deploring an entire gender.

If a man falls asleep after making love it may be that he is tired. Especially if it is late at night. I’ve never understood why sex is often scheduled as the last act of the day.

Not that post-coital demeanor doesn’t also have psychological roots. In making love to your own gender you see that without any temptation to damn half the human race. Some bastards just want to get up and do other things. But others want to linger and cuddle.

Improving this part o your amorous life is about communication or - maybe really - becoming entangled with the right person.

A CB6000 isn’t likely to ‘cure’ the refractory period or make him sweeter after ejaculation.

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I think you comment about women being the winners does not apply to chronic male masturbators who learn to edge. We hover at near orgasm for as long as we like (or as long as we can stand). And we can have a series of “mini-orgasms” before we let go the BIG ONE.

There are always exceptions. Like men who practice Tantric orgasm control and women who aren’t skilled at enjoying their full sexual potential.

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