Why Tease & Denial?

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A simple speculation as to one possible source of the appeal of tease and denial.

My own guess is that some men during adolescence who desire various pretty girls that they they’ll never be able to make love to come to associate the inability to consummate their desire with sexual pleasure. Arousal in itself is pleasurable. Perhaps the combination of desire and inability stimulates their sexuality.

NB: I’m sure there are many different causes and responses. Particularly when you divide men who enjoy t&d between those who do it with their wife or girlfriend and those who are responding to a long distance mistress that they’ll never meet.

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That theory could certainly hold water in many situations. Chastity, teasing, and orgasm control has been a core kink of mine since I became sexually aware, though, so I’m not sure how that fits. Another possibility is that teasing is a way to get a lot of attention, whether directly or indirectly, from the object of your desires. And who in their right mind would say no to that? ;)

I really like your blog. Thank you for writing it. Onto T&D, from a FemDom perspective I love T&D because of the control factor. Most men can (and do) orgasm whenever they like. The build up of sexual frustration when teased & denied is fabulous. I like the physical chastity idea because it takes away the ability of the man to orgasm whenever he feels like it. It takes complete control away from him and gives me complete control of this very important part of his life.

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