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Samples of some of the initial buzz on the forums about the new CB6000:

  • no direct change in security (or lack thereof)
  • the new ring “puzzle-piece” setup may not be as tight/rigid when assembled
  • those using locked frenums to enforce security may be stymied by the air-vents being relocated to the sides

  • slimmer a-ring
  • no hinge
  • no metal spot on (no longer present) hinge to irritate skin
  • a-ring redesign allows easier fitting, without the ol’ ball-squeeze insertion method (from
  • using swapped-in solid rings)
  • guide pins now face out, eliminating need to trim them

  • this thing is evolutionary, not revolutionary. if you could escape from a 3k, i’d be surprised if a 6k would be any different
  • it looks like a more comfortable alternative to a 3k, assuming the a-ring lockup can be made sufficiently rigid.


One man reports after two weeks with a CB6000:

I have found that the CB6000 holds me in the cage pretty much as well as the KSD-G2 which is a big bonus. Together with the thicker A-ring, it is more secure than the CB3000 on its own. However, the bad news (or good, depending on your viewpoint) is that I am able to extract and re-insert myself when using my usual A-ring size. This may be facilitated by the massage oil that I use as a lubricant. As well as possibly cutting down on the oil or perhaps using a water-based lubricant, I am going to try using the next smaller A-ring. I also have various cock rings that could be used behind the CB6000 to improve security.

Entire thread: CB6000 Review Update

CB6000 Video (via Tom Allen).

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I have just spent my first 24 hour period in the cb6000 under direction of my girl who had the key. I have to say it was different as it being my first experience but look forward to my net encounter. She is going away this weekend and says i have to wear it from this thurday until next tuesday. Can hardly wait. One thing i do have to complain about is the diamiter of the cage it is hard to get in side fully with out pinching and alot of effort. But once in i felt like there was no excape. Loved the feeling. Hope many days are in my futhure…

I wear my CB6000 now for the second 24 hours….the target is tonight 22:00…48 hours without relief…looking to young pretty girls in public HURTS….

I have been wearing my cb6000 for 9 days solid now and it is very easy to get used to my wife also loves the fact that i cant jack off or get a hard on i wanted her to screw another guy in front of me with my cb6000 on but she wont instead she used a large dildo on herself instead i loved the feeling of watching her and not even able to get a hard on and the air vehts on the side are kinda cutting me a little i think i will fill them in with epoxy next time she unlocks me!

I am now in the CB6000 short. I wear it 24/7 with only a once a month release. The short fits much better, no wiggle room and no mess after peeing. it fit so tight it really doesnt feel like anything is on me. Where the cb6000 was loose and of course peeing issues.

So, you are happy with your CB6000 and feel it the best male chastity device?

i have been in my cb3ooo, without release for over 10 weeks now, my Mistress(Wife) had me order the cb6000 short, my next orgasm might be june next year, i am never even allowed to touch myself, She is in total control, it’s hers ;-)

Dave, why are you buying a CB6000? What difference will it make?

my Wife wants me to suffer the extra discomfort and restriction of the shorter device, Regards dave

My husband also wears the CB-6000 Short. It’s just perfect for his rather diminutive penis. He seems to find it comfortable to wear (he better, since it isn’t coming off anytime soon) and I find that with properly sized rings it is reasonably secure. I also like that the smaller size is virtually unnoticeable under his clothing — he no longer looks more endowed than he really is. :-)

Nadine, Sounds like Your husband is in a similar situation to me, my device is to be removed twice a year for my Wife to ride me, if She doesn’t want to, it remains locked, and that short period of freedom is forfeited, dave

Yes Richard the cb6000 short is really the best one for us. I used to wear a pure silver tube from centurian it was very expensive, the problem with it is though that the head of my penis was not cover and it would rub against my boxers and would really start to hurt. My wife jenifer said that I had to wear it because centurian would not take it back or give any kind of refund. I wore that for 7 years and it was not comfortable! I used to put a little sock over it to reduce the rubbing. that made it better but that thing really was for punishment!

Thanks for sharing this. There’s no telling how much money some men have wasted buying male chastity devices that don’t meet their needs.

My wife and I are making a commitment to reinvent ourselves and spice things up in our marriage. She wants to be the domme/me the slave. And I’m happy to oblige.

She wants to take a realistic approach to my enslavement. She wants me in chastity device while I’m at work or in the car. At home, she wants a locking leather jock on. When we workout together, no chastity at all.

Here’s my question, I need a device for her to wear to work. I’ve tried the cb-2000 and after wearing it for 6 hours, my balls were sore for a week. Is the cb-6000 more scrotum freindly?

i am currently wearing the cb6000, and i think it is not secure for one i am able to remove myself from the cage and re-insert myself fully, and two the slits in the sides pinch the skin, i am considering a PA or frenum piercing to counteract pull out, however i am an amature and my only experiance in chastity is with the cb600 so i may be unfit to compare it to other models

I am a sissy faggot cukold crossdressing cocksucker and I am on my first 24 hours and just love the way the precum drips from my little sissy cucky cock when i am excited showing off all my nasty pictures to all the real men. i lov eto serve cocks and love to have mine out of reach which just makes me a hornier dirty nasty little cum pig cocksucker. kisses ansty michelle

I am a sissy faggot cukold crossdressing cocksucker and I am on my first 24 hours and just love the way the precum drips from my little sissy cucky cock when i am excited showing off all my nasty pictures to all the real men. i lov eto serve cocks and love to have mine out of reach which just makes me a hornier dirty nasty little cum pig cocksucker. kisses ansty michelle

I have just completed my first 48 hours in a CB6000. Don’t even know it is there. It feel so funny to touch you cock and feel nothing. Also, I my panties don’t touch me any more, so I get no arrousal what so ever. The only pain is when I get a night time erection. That causes pain, justly deserved. Great devise.

I recently bought a CB6000 at my Mistress’ command. My problem is i have rather large balls ( who knew this would ever be a problem!) and they don’t hang. i’m using the largest ring and they still feel smashed. standing and walking around is OK, sitting is bearable but bending over is seriously painful! Has anyone else had this problem?


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