One Woman's Frustration

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With the best will possible Mrs. Claudia has been trying to find the right chastity belt for her husband:


Where the bottom comes together his skin kept poking through and getting pinched. When he did finally get the skin on the bottom to not stick out, his penis would be bulging out. After a while he got the whole thing in place after he removed the inside tube. The inside tube was not on, there was just no way the thing would close with the interior tube in place. There was no way everything he’s got was going to fit in this tiny contraption. After we got all the parts and locks secured he sat back and in one swoop pulled the entire thing off.

CB 3000

Along with the CB3000 I have purchased solid rings to replace the hinged ones, the KSD add on and the points of intrigue. The points of intrigue are devilish little things and I do not see how they can be worn regularly without causing damage. The KSD add on is a great security device to make pulling out impossible, the only problem is it causes the skin to bunch and pinch in between the device and ring. There is also a warning about what to do if your penis gets stuck. Now I am all for chastity, and believe me I want to keep him locked up, but I don’t want him hurt.

Read her whole experience and the comments: Chastity - Reality or Fantasy???

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Sounds like you could get it off because it was too samll for you. I dont think it would work properly without the tube in place.

I ordered the Exobelt and my experience was completely different. We had no problems with the device not fitting. It wasnt too hard to install. We just followed the instructions that Jenny gave us. I wouldnt let one review discourage another as here is the latest fun we have had with the device. I got this idea from a slave on a message board. Here is what I put my little man throughÖ.Grin.

I first placed him in his Exobelt X1 chastity belt. That way he canít touch his penis or balls. I then inserted his buttplug and put on pantyhose. I insert the plug because I didnít want him to see it and know that it was remote controlled. Then I had him get dressed up.

So here we are sitting at dinner. Heís all excited with all heís hiding under his clothes. I know heís thinking heís going to have some fun tonight, boy is he right. So I order and then he orders. As heís getting ready to order from the waiter I start the plug. He feels it vibrate and turns beet red. I know heís wandering if the waiter knows. Like I care. So all trough dinner I start and stop this plug. He was so worked up not being able to touch himself at all. So frustrated. I loved it and he took good care of me all night. I didnít let him out either. LOL.

I’d be happy to do a review of the ExoBelt if supplied one.

With the exobelt you have to: First put ring on Then tie a shoe string around penis head Then put outer part on Then pull in skin and fit that metal thing around the base(then lock) Then pull the top to fit the white ring(and adjust) Put lube in the tube first Then gentle pull tube into place(might need to use the metal rod to keep the white ring in place by having it in ever so slightly lock and enjoy.

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