Cock Trap

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The Cock Trap is a penis control device that uses a rode inserted into the guy’s urethra:

The Cock Trap ™ seizes the penis while soft, and locks on to prevent erection, intercourse or masturbation. The unique design makes it impossible to remove the device or pull the penis out.

Mistress Milliscent - who has probably never seen a penis she didn’t think should be imprisoned - gave The Cock Trap a test:

Play with the device works extremely well. Unlike other chastity devices the Cock Trap leaves the cock fully exposed which allows perfect access for whatever pain one desires to give. A chastised slave wearing this device can go to sleep with an extremely sore cock, the device never having been removed. This is I think a wonderful benefit of this device.

Electrical play is where the device truly shines for me though. I had an opportunity to use it with a variety of electrical toys, everything from a tens type unit to a violet wand. Given the fact that the steel tube is inserted completely into the cock, electricity applied to it can be quite intense indeed.

Her entire entry: Locked Cocks, In Seattle

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I saw a similar device that I am trying to get info on. Its a neo-steel type chastity device with a small threaded hole on the end. The urethra probe is also threaded so that once inserted, the probe can be screwed into the chastity tube, holding it in place. Any info would be apreciated.

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