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Stories of Ruined Orgasms

Men tell of unsatisfying, unhappy orgasms and painful ejaculations in their Femdom relationships.

Chastity Fantasy vs. Reality

Choosing, putting on, using and scheduling use of a male chastity device isn't as simple as many men think or at least fantasize.

Could You Cope With 12 to 18 Months?

A man gives the history of his wife's increasing pleasure in denying him orgasms.

Male Chastity Experience (Long Essay)

One man talks about his experiences - practical and emotional - with male orgasm denial to please his Mistress Wife.

Permanent Chastity? Never!

24/7 100% total orgasm denial is a fantasy of horny, desperate wannabe submissive males.

Horny Like a 20 Year Old

An elderly man reports that enforced chastity makes him feel the lust and sexual desire of a young man again.

52 Orgasms Per Year

Female supremacy relationship: we have agreed the orgasm is a necessary evil and should be downplayed and minimized.

Male Chastity : Bad for Your Health?

Does male orgasm denial lead to heart attacks and strokes? Is chastity unhealthy?

Caged Penis

Newspaper columnist tries wearing a male chastity device for a day - and fails.

Male Chastity : Wife Improvement?

A chaste man claims that when he wears a chastity device his wife is a better woman. - ? -

Orgasm Denial as Self-Improvement

Some submissive guys believe that enforced male chastity is a form of self-help, increasing virtue and kindess.

Japanese Women and Male Chastity

Female insecurity, distrust of boyfriends and husbands leads women in Japan to demand their males wear chastity devices.

Male Chastity : Man Trapped By Own Fantasy?

Wife loses interest in having sex with submissive husband. Did orgasm denial ruin their marriage?

Male Chastity : Is it Healthy?

A urologist on congestive prostatitis and prostate massage.

Don't Poison Your Penis

Penis desensitization for male orgasm prevention is fine. But be wary of the chemicals in the desensitization product you choose.

Embarrassing Chastity Device Stories #1

Image have to be cut out of your CB by, say, firemen come to rescue you ...

Total Male Sexual Supression

Perpetual enforced male orgasm denial in which the husband's sexual frustration is not even verbally acknowledged.

Orgasm Denial Isn't For Every Man

Some males decide enforced chastity, wearing a CB6000, isn't fun or sexy.

Chastity Belt Idea & Wiki

Male chastity device infromation by Mortice Deadlock, English bisexual submissive man.

Chastity as Morality

Orgasm denial should be practiced for mutual pleasure and fun.

Gay Men

Master / slave relationships that engage in hardcore orgasm denial, enforced chastity?

Satisfied Frustration

Orgasm denial can be happy and sweet.

In Praise of Walther Goethals

Masterwoof is a gay man with extensive and uncommon experiences with orgasm denial and male chastity routines.

She Does It Because She Likes To

The woman's motivation is an important factor in tease and denial play.

Lock Me Up

Chastity belt with with specific discussion groups, forums.


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