Chastity Fantasy vs. Reality

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Chastity devices are often regarded by the uninformed as sort of magic talismans. All you have to do is buy one and it’ll work right out of the box without effort or planning.

Always good to see sane words about chastity play:

I’m seen numerous very hot erotic chastity play stories over the years. “Mistress seduces inexperienced submissive” and “Wife discovers husband cheating and forces chastity (and lots humiliating acts)” seem to be common themes. Hot erotic fiction. Some even claim to be factual, often toned down a bit. Well, at least so far, even just figuring out how to get the damn thing on, dealing with erection caused by fondling and sexual tension is not a simple matter. I always knew those stories and many people’s supposedly factual accounts of chastity play were really over-the-top, but now having tried to just simply get the damn thing on, the disparity between fantasy and reality is seems even greater than I suspected.

Arecee purchased a CB3000 for me!

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Hi All, i am a sub male who has always wonderered how it would be to be locked up. Well this is going to happen in two weeks. Not sure how long Mistress will keep me locked, but i can keep everyone posted it they wish. You can e mail me at

Hi Richard,

You do not know me, but Ive been searching for information about male chastity, and the use of tubes (CB-3000 Cb-6000 etc.).

At the end of this month I intend to purchase a CB-6000, the idea being to be locked in chastity forever increasing prolonged periods (one week, one month, three months, six months, one year etc.).

Of course I will have to work out the best fit of the CB-6000 before finding myself a key holder.

I already have a key holder in mind that I know I can trust.

I have one major concern, it is not the actual lengths of time, it is hygiene.

I was wondering if you could give me some advice on hygiene.

If you see this post, and would like to get back to me either via chat or email, Id be most appreciative.

sissy susan

We are a normal loving couple, and have been into chastity (cb3000) now for two years. Not continuously, thank goodness, but we love it. The utter frustration is mind blowing,- for both of us. Sitting down to pee is the only real negative, but you get used to it. No problems with most sports, and my wife loves keeping me waiting for my once-a-month sex,- while she gets it every night. This chastity is a culture, nothing weird or deviant, and is a great way of life. You have to try it to know what it is like. And ladies, don’t be backward about locking him up until you decide when you wish to unlock him.

Your feelings?

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Chastity Fantasy vs. Reality
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