Permanent Chastity? Never!

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Delving into Deviance is a new F/m blog. The author reminds me that notions of 100% 24/7 male orgasm denial are promoted by lonely men.

I love sex. I love my submissive (who is also, importantly, my boyfriend). I love having sex with my submissive. He is my favourite toy, so why on earth would I lock up my favourite toy and throw away the key (or constantly taunt my sub with it)? Perhaps some females do not like sex, and thus this is a way for them to get what they want while depriving but also constantly erotisizing their submissive’s cock. But that’s not me.

Why my submissive will never be in permanent chastity

Female Supremacy: Men are the Slave Property of Women

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If a Domme isn’t getting full use out of her sub when she wants him then she is denying herself more than she is denying him. Permanent chastity is for fiction and men who dream about D/s rather than have the reality of it.

It was nice to read about a woman that enjoyed sex with her sub boyfriend. So many women tease and denie then go get some other man to please them while husband does without That is CRAP

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Permanent Chastity? Never!
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