Total Male Sexual Supression

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In refusing to allow her husband even verbal expression of his sexuality, Bridgette takes enforced male chastity to a new level:

I do not allow him to discuss his sexual frustration, this is selfish.

That must be exceedingly tough.

My goal is to create a state of unbearable and continual sexual arousal. The frustrating aspect is that there is nothing he can do to put an end to this state because I won’t unlock the belt and let him cum or even masturbate. The power comes from his need to express his pent up sexuality. He can’t physically satisfy his sexual desires and I won’t acknowledge his sexual desires in our marriage. His outlet is through me. If he wants to talk about sex, it is about me. If he wants to be physically involved with sex, it is about playing with me.

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My goal is to create a state of unbearable and continual sexual arousal.

Right. Except that without any recourse, both physical and emotional intimacy will decline, eventually creating a partner who will eventually be devoid of arousal.

I think that this blog is one of those fantasy postings from somebody with more imagination than real-life experience.

Actually, total male sexual suppression is pretty much where I’m at: wearing a tube by Ms. Lori 24/7, denied orgasms entirely, calling my wife Mistress and kissing her feet and enduring nightly canings.

Until someone has been here, making a claim like “without any recourse, both physical and emotional intimacy will decline, eventually creating a partner who will eventually be devoid of arousal.” is ridiculous. I crave the intimacy; my arousal after months of being put through this is thorugh the roof.

She’s been reading a book on owning and training a male slave that I gave her and seems to be really into it. “Relationship” is her thing, not sadism, etc. She has a notion of what she wants and how she wants it. Male orgasms are not part of it. Servicing her sexually and otherwise define it.

That’s it for now.


If you do not get release through orgasm on a regular basis then you run the risk of prostrate cancer. Check it out with a doctor. Enjoy femdom but within the fantasy confines of the bedroom….Chastity helps in building sexual energy which helps the girl as her spell is not broken.I was a femdom addict. I found out that getting my rocks of greatly increased my ability to say no.If you get drunk on femdom the wrong girl as in a girl who doen not really love you can use your sexuality against you and ruin you.If you are in chastity and not getting release at least once a day your entire brain function will be in the garden of eden of femdom.Your work will suffer.So always make sure that you wake up before you are ruined.If you are undergoing chastity that your mistress provides you regalar relief and does not use it as a weapon against you and understnds tha tyou have a life.

Being a committed - hence chastised - Female Supremacist I believe that all sexual expression really is the prerogative of the true Dominant Female. I also believe that the Dominant Female is the most perfect example of the perfect human being ever created who must be worshiped and obeyed by all lesser creatures – males – as matter of humble duty. I long for the day that all ignorant males realize their inferiority and grovel in submission. I am the Companion – she doesn’t like the word slave - to a kind and gentle “mistress” - but one who knows what males are like if not for enforced chastity. I have not had any release during the eight years of my servitude and like Ms Bridgette, My Lady and I believe that all sexual expression is hers – my place is to obey and promote anything that is to her advantage. This is her’s - and Ms Bridgette’s natural right – please please do not think of it as being selfish. Being locked in a chastity by your mistress is not something to complain about - it is bliss.

Are devices really necessary? My online Female owner kept totally denied me from touching my genitals for four months and if I did touch I would confess. She would fine me £5 for every second of touching, even by accident and made me inflict punishments to my cock. She would sometimes command me to bring myself close to climax and then stop, but I had to count the seconds, pay the fine and take the punishment. It would drive me crazy that my penis was free to touch but I was forbidden. She loved to hear about me writhing in total frustration all night thinking about Her power over me then going to work in the morning, exhausted to make money to buy Her shoes. I begged Her for release on a few occasions but She always denied me till I finally crumbled and opted for taking the consequences. It was so difficult but I am proud I did it for Her though I dont think I could do it again. Best wishes, slave poltroon.

The use of a CB-6000 or whatever depends on the couple. For many it adds to the experience but not to all.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Total Male Sexual Supression.


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Total Male Sexual Supression
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