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Never To Masturbate or Penetrate

Male chastity forever, unto eternity - if not longer. The penis that was never again seen!

Lifetime Lifestyle Orgasm Denial

Permanent, perpetual enforced chastity is a bad, mad, silly example of femdom fantasies gone wild.

How Do You Shrink a Penis?

Lifetime lifestyle enforced chastity, orgasm denial very small penis humiliation fantasy.

Wishing For Sex Which I Will Never Have Again

Husbands who fantasize that their wives have locked them into chastity belts for the rest of their lives.

Spermatazoic Economy

Nineteenth century quack medical views of the male orgasm have shaped orgasm denial, male chastity.

Overmasturbation : The Myth

Frequent wanking is often described as a moral weakness and even described as a disease often by those who hope to profit from the masturbating male’s fear and guilt.

Fantasy Male Chastity

Many men fake and lie about being subjected to ortgasm denial by their wives and girlfriends.

Wanking : A Threat to Loving Relationships?

Is a male masturbation within marriage immoral? Do men damage their love lives with their wives and girlfriends by masturbating?

Anti-Masturbation Technology

Shock That Penis

American science fights the evils of masturbation and onanism.

Childhood Chastity

Preventing youthful masturbation was a Victorian sexual obsession.

Stop! Masturbating! Now!

Is this the scientific basis of male orgasm denial?


Heterosexual relationship stereotypes and the practice of male orgasm denial.

Is Male Chastity Feminist?

Male orgasm denial presented as an exercise in female liberation.


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