How Do You Shrink a Penis?

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Truth may or may not be stranger than fiction. Some people can’t even tell the difference between the two. Here’s one fellow’s unlikely question for knowledge:

Dear friend,

I’m trying to find accurate information on the effects of long-term chastity on penis size. It’s not easy. My lifestyle Domme has me permanently locked in a Gerecke device. With changes we had made at a local machine shop, it’s impossible to violate.

My hope is that i can find medical info which confirms your observations. It would be wonderful if my mistress and i can take pleasure in watching my “Pee Hole” as She now refers to it, slowly diminish and become useless.

Also, do you know where to find out about the effects of restricting nocturnal erections and how that may relate to reducing the size of the penis?

Thanks so much,

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Whenever I read this kind of thing, I wonder why they just don’t go to and just get it the hell over with.

I’ve actually wondered the same thing-how to shrink a(my own) penis. I am into kink(my wife is very vanilla) and I have fantasized about her reaction if I was a few inches smaller when she was (rarely) in the mood. Please note that I do NOT fantasize about castration or losing any part of my organ(s). It just all about lack of size to worry about. P.S. 1 of my all time favorite stories? Good things come in small packages at cucktales dot com.

I guess I’m lucky. Mine shrank on it’s own from 6” to 3” due to medication, the same medication that made my breast grow to a full B cup. Wife didn’t like it anymore and put me in a CB 6000 so she wouldn’t have to look at it and to keep my advances away. Now it’s 2 inches after 1 year and 1 orgasm per month. I asked her when I could take the CB6000 off, she said when it is worthless to me as well. She is also workin on me to make me as passable a female as possible, since with the breats she says that’s all I’m good for anymore. Oh well, denial and humiliation from her is better than no sex at all and with this little thing that’s what I would have, no sex at all.


There is a real and serious problem associated with not ejaculating. It increased the risk of prostate cancer. Maybe a quick prostate massage could lower the risk while not allowing the submissive to fully enjoy a much needed orgasm. Maybe even make them cum in their own faces

I know that my penis has shrunk! When I was first married I was 6.5 hard now after almost ten years in different chastity devices, when I do get out (once a Month) I am only about 2.5 hard and erections are very painful! I find that I prefer being locked, and just performing oral sex on my wife!

Can can anyone believe that a male chastity device might cause reduction in the phallus’ spongiform tissues. If your penis is smaller when erect what you’ve lost is the ability to have a true, full erection.

Dr. Sexology, Thanks I did not know that. I really thought my penis was shrinking. I the old saying if you don’t use it you lose it. If my lock would come off after all this time would my erection be as big as b4?

To be honest, I don’t know. I wonder if anybody does. If you left your penis out of the device for a very long time perhaps it would revert to normal. Reversing conditioning is uncertain, unpredictable.

But from what you have said I thought you were happy with your condition. Thought it appropriate for a submissive man.

No I am happy I was just wondering!

I’m hoping for some penis shrinkage due to chastity. Since my thin 4 inches are no good for sex, it might as well be more entertaining. 2 inches would be great. I’d love to see the expression on the faces when my owner shows off her handiwork.

Leaving out the temporary effects of cold water/ice and assuming that your quest is for a smaller erect size, short of surgery it can’t be done (pun intended). You have what you have and only the physical adding or subtracting of material can change that.

You can only make what you have non-functional, i.e.: remove the ability to become erect through castration, chemicals or conditioning.

I applied women’s cellulite-reducing cream to mine for a month. Maybe it worked…can’t tell for sure.

Yes, not having erections over a long period of time will shrink the penis. Not having erections causes the spongy material in the corpus cavernosaum to loose it’s stretchiness so that erections are not as large as they were when erections were frequent.

I had a medical condition that prevented me from having erections for 12 years. When it was diagnosed and treated my erections returned, and were actually extremely painful at first. Even though the original condition is under control my erections are now 1-1/2 inches shorter and 1/2 inch thinner than before. It would seem reasonable that long term wearing of a tight chastity device would have the same effect.

shrinking a penis takes several conditions, normal atrophy is not reducing the spongy tissue, to really shrink it you have to completely remove certain hormones(DHT being one of them) from your system, I do not have the names of them however true reduction takes a very long time and it does not happen without removal of those hormones from your system

should you choose to pursue removal of hormones such as DHT remember there will be consequences you might not be ready for so make sure you research

Iam 4.9 inch and live in CB6000 som times and want to bee smaller… and soft

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