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Extreme Orgasm Denial

Like cuckoldry, extreme male orgasm suppression fantasies show up as fact on the web: in comments or as blogs themselves.

Recently I ran across a blog in which the wife states that her husband is subject to perpetual orgasm denial. No orgasms, none, never. I know of a very few women who like the idea of keeping a man chaste for the rest of his life. Not that they necessarily claim that it would really work.

Lifetime Enforced Chastity is Foolish

Permanent chastity is surely a wrongheaded expression of female dominance. Either he will:

  • Decide to Hell with this and leave the relationship.
  • Or lose all of his sexual desire. Murdering someone’s libido may also kill much of there interest in other things. Certainly it ends chastity as a motivator.

Eternal orgasm denial is mostly a male fantasy. It isn’t uncommon for submissive men to feel aroused by imagining extreme torments. That is unhealthy when the dividing line between sane possibility and dangerous games vanishes.

Fake Chastity Blogs

Most expressions of desire for - or professions of - come from men who aren’t in a relationship with a dominant woman. Their frustration keeps pushing their imagination to the edge. So they leave comments on blogs recounting lives they don’t live. Or even produce blogs about their fictitious life. Often the comments are written in barely comprehendible English. The bogus chastity blogs are identifiable by close attention to details of how the woman and the submissive male are dressed. Equally closely described are the punishments. And there’s lots of repetition.

Possibly the blog I mentioned above is one such fantasy. Living imaginary lives is one the pleasures of the web. Though Second Life seems a better venue. Interacting with an avatar is probably better than just wrestling with your own feverish fantasies.

Sexless in Silence

One novel aspect of this blog is that the man is never allowed to express his sexual frustration. It as if he’s been stripped of all sexuality. Only her sexuality exists.

  • Is that something you think that you’d enjoy?
  • To go forever without ejaculating with pleasure?
  • To forgo all sexual self-expression?
  • To become a sexual cipher?

Would that make you happy?

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I am a sub male in an F/D relationship and it was me that introduced the idea of chastity, my partner took up the idea and we now have 2 different devices, a tube type and a florentine, I have been in without release for 4 weeks, but my partner has released me after that duration for her own satisfaction. During one period of chastity I begged her to fill my locks with epoxy resin and make my chastity permanent, which on occasion she said she would. However we are four months on from that episode and I am still not “glued”. I will agree that permanent chastity is a male fantasy, but some may be willing to push those fantasies a little further into reality. I will continue to ask her to seal my locks and maybe I can return here and tell you all how it’s going.

I’m a male sub by necessity, not by choice. About 5 years ago I was in my early 50s and was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The male doctor who found it wanted to do surgery to remove my prostate leaving me unable to ejaculate and and then surgically fit me with a device by which I could pump up a erection. My wife was against it.

We found a female Doctor who treated me with an experimental dose of radiation. As a result the nerve endings to my penis are dead and I’m unable to achieve an erection. I can with a lot of stimulation and physical effort have a dry orgasm where any small amount of ejaculate I might produce goes back into my bladder.

My wife loves this. I’m now only allowed to get into bed with her when she desires sex.

I must be bathed and shaven. She will not bathe until I’ve satisfied her She will often roughly stimulate my nipples telling me to learn to get sexual satisfaction from them like a girl. She also tells me how worthless I am and that it is good that I can still bring her o multiple orgasms through oral sex.

When she is satisfied she often goes to sleep which is my hint to leave her bed. If she does not go to sleep she sometimes will tease me by initially playing with my balls. When I become aroused she will smack them and tell me to get out of her bed.

On very rare occasions she will allow me to lay between her legs and thrust my soft cock against her warm wetness. The entire time she tells me how pitiful I am and that if I can become erect I can have sex. She also tells me how I never satisfied her when I could become erect and laughs at my attempts to achieve an erection.

When she orders me to leave she also tells me if I may play with myself or not. Lately she has been requiring me to kneel with my face between her legs while she urinates. She tells me I must learn to appreciate that her pussy is for licking and pissing, not for my sexual satisfaction. Regardless I find that I’m deeply aroused by not being allowed to have an orgasm and find my new role very erotic.

Seems like choice to me. Most impotent men aren’t submissive.

To: male sub by necessity, what was she like before you had the prostate problem?

I am in F/D relationship and have been locked into my chastity for 4 months, however I can reach an orgasm (albiet a small one) by using my cb6000 as an aid, I would like to be able to stop this too and become totally chaste. Any ideas ???

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