Never To Masturbate or Penetrate

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“Karen” wrote in a comment:

I am happily married for 15 years. I am a dominant wife. My husband is totally submissive to me. Before we were married, we tried male chastity for short periods of time. He proposed to me after 2 and a half years of dating. I told my boyfriend, David, if we are going to be married, he would haft to surrender himself to me, which included chastity for life. He would never be allowed to masturbate, or enter me, and this would include our honeymoon. I explain that I would continue to see other men or women while married as I did during our dating years. After two months of thinking it over, David agreed. Since our fifteen years of marriage, David has never entered me, and has never has an orgasm. He has been locked up all this time. We have four wonderful children, all from different men, and I am knocked up with a fifth child. David does orally please me, and clean me out orally after I come home from a date. He has accepted that he will never have an orgasm again, and never will be let out of his chastity belt. I am the bread winner in the family, while David is the maid, cleaning the house, inside and out, and cooking for the family. David never disciplines the children; I am the disciplinarian in the family. Yes, I have had to discipline my husband numerous of times to. If you have any questions, email me [deleted]

Gentle reader what do you think of this story of Karen and David?

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I would do it for someone I really love.

It’s incredibly annoying when people try to pass off fiction as reality.

I’m sure there are probably women who would be proud to be “knocked up,” but I’d probably never find those women attractive.

Hi, this is the story of my life up til now, 25 years and 4 children later from other men. I have given my wife all ownership to my life and posestions, chasity is for life.

While the details might vary some, the arch of this relationship is something i aspire to.

For my part there needs to be a spiritual component. It’s less “denial” and more “offering”. Which is one of the oldest motivations for living chaste (in the older meaning of the word).

Chaste is not denied, it’s appropriate activity.


Seems to be a great bit of fiction. If this story had any shred of truth, why would David agree to such conditions? Hank Moody, is this your work?

You are a Goddess to put your sub hubbie thru this most extreme denial! Bravo! I wish I was your husband!

i don’t see why a man would surrender himself like this willingly with no sight of orgasm. i reckon this is one of those fictional stories told as if it were fact. i fully understand the reasons for submitting in that way when there is even a very long wait, but knowing that thre will never be an orgasm? either this is fiction or one really screwed up couple. if i’ve got you wrong, i appologise, but that’s the way it seems to me

We imagine that this story is fiction because we don’t believe that very many, if any men could actually make it 15 years without an orgasm.

That said, we certainly do believe that a husband could/would be denied the ability to penetrate his wife for that length of time because Mistress has decided that her husband will never penetrate her again. It has been over a year now, and she is so pleased by it that she has no desire to ever change her mind.

I believe it would be possible but not proabable. I would love to be in his place it is nice to know you don’t have to worry about being able to perform sexually. I have been in total denial by my dominant wife for a year. Just completed sentence. She is now trying for a record 430 days

totally awesome ;-) dave

i had to come back and read this again, i can imagine the total frustration, worshiping what you can never have, and never relieved from those frustrations, that would weaken any man, a slave’s dream come true ;-) Respectfully dave

When you are locked in a chastity it is amazing how quickly you submit and accept it - soon you never want to be released - I know.

Your feelings?

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