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From a wonderful look at anti-sexuality during the American Progressive Era.

Zap That Penis!

Penis electro-shock chastity machine

Electrosex chastity and an early version of the points of intrigue:

… The inside of the tube had a kind of plunger device that mechanically detected tumescence and then could trigger a couple of responses, an alarm bell for one and the other, Todd wrote, was an electric current “strong enough to assist the cure of sexual disease.”

The truly deluxe version additionally included sharp-edged, metallic points that Mr. Todd said were “of sufficient length to cause considerable annoyance and pain to the patient should any attempt be made to manipulate the penis by means of the tube.”

Play a Little Anti-Love Song

Less painful is having an erection activate your record player:

Night time chastity device

The essay with more illustrations: Jack Hafferkamp, Masturbation Fears

Female Supremacy: Men are the Slave Property of Women

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That’s actually kind of brilliant. :) This is exactly the kind of thing chastity fantasy stories contain. I think it’s only a matter of time before such things really do exist and are feasible for reality, but that time won’t come until we all accept sexuality as a healthy part of life.

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Shock That Penis
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