Spermatazoic Economy

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In the 19th century it was thought by many that human activity depending on invisible dynamic fluids, sometimes thought to be biological electromagnetic qualities. Hence the popularity of the idea of animal magnetism.

A single ounce of semen was believed to contain as much human vitality as two and half pints of blood.

Men were imagined to have a limited internal “spermatazoic” economy. Every male had only so much. Once used up it was gone and could never be recovered.

Even when this sort of bogus science was abandoned similar imagery doubtlessly shaped the perceptions of the cultural value of male chastity.

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I’ve seen that as an influence in a few peoples’ way of thinking on chastity sites. It makes me laugh when so many people try to justify chastity by giving all these flimsy reasons; why don’t they just admit they’re into it and do it?

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Spermatazoic Economy
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