Wishing For Sex Which I Will Never Have Again

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This reader comment shows what happens to some guys’ minds when they fantasize about orgasm denial too much (spelling errors corrected):

My wife got me a new chastity belt made of metal and locked it on me four years ago and broke all the keys and put epoxy into the key slot that way the belt never will be removed becose she was tired of me masturbating all the time and sense then I pleaser her using a strap on realistic 10 inch by 3 inch dildo and my fingers or my mouth and my pleaser only comes from pleasing her and she never cheats on me and she loves me for permanently giving up my dick for her and I never again get to touch or even get to see my dick ever since the belt has been locked on me and I never get hardons ever no mater how horny I get and we celebrates my chastity just like a birthday and she tells me all the time how glad that I am in chastity and she loves to brag and say that having me in chastity always is the best thing she has ever done and loves the attention she gets from me and she loves to brag of the power she has over my sexuality and all of our friends have seen me in the belt and she loves me to talk with her when I get horny to help me to get over wishing for sex which I will never have again

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That’s probably the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever read.

To me, t&d would lose its appeal if I had no hope of orgasm at all. It seems a lot more interesting if there’s always a chance that today just might be the day. The idea of permanent chastity doesn’t appeal to me, even as an idle fantasy.

While I seriously doubt this guy’s story, I do admire the departure from the traditional “she fucks well-hung men and treats me like scum 24/7 while I do all the housework” approach that many take.

Wow, who wrote that - James Joyce?

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Wishing For Sex Which I Will Never Have Again
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