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Jesus Watches You Masturbate

Christine O'Donnell, God, Republicans all believe in male chastity.

Ancient Cock Tease

More funny than femdomish. Just another Femdom Chastity Inflamed Whim.

The Most Evil Penis of All Time

Behold Hitler astride the massive phallus of doom and damnation!

Can Chastity Turn a Gay Man into a Straight Man?

Ex-gay, yestergay movements exhort homosexual men to practice orgasm denial in effort to convert them into heterosexual males.

His Chastity Device Would Be a Boot

No informational content. Just another of my inflamed whims (something Archie accused Nero of having).

How Important is Chastity?

Orgasm denial is what has made America the greatest nation in all space and time!

Penis Prison

An example of just how unfunny penis humor can be.

Chastity Device Makers Ideal Man

Mr. Penis Man captures how many in femdom chastity fanatics image of male sexuality.


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