Can Chastity Turn a Gay Man into a Straight Man?

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Chastity to Change Sexual Orientation

Want to misunderstand your sexuality? Listen to religious zealots and people whose conservative and conventional perceptions of sexuality leave their minds full of false and dangerous clichés.

Like Garcia, de los Reyes said his homosexuality was due to his lack of male identity, which he attributed to familial factors. Recalling he had a domineering mother and submissive father, he said, “I never felt I was a man.”

This practitioner of extended chastity says he’s finally become able to find women attractive. Additional time without sexual release may leave him feeling hot and bothered by the sight of a shoe box or ashtray.

Garcia recalled joining many sessions in Courage before he could declare, “I’ve been chaste the whole week.” With “hard work,” he has stayed chaste for years and even found himself feeling attracted to women, he added.

Groups support homosexual people who want to change

Another ex-gay / yesterday who will relapse back into his real sexual orientation after a long stretch of pointless sexual frustration.

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Oh, yes. Because we all know that chastity is great for helping to tamp down those unwanted sexual urges.

ROFLMAO! Wow, this is quite possibly the most misguided use of chastity I’ve ever heard of. In fact, it’s so misguided, if it weren’t true I’d call it a brilliant satire!

Somehow I can’t help but want to remind this man of the phrase correlation does not equal causation, but part of me thinks that kind of “advanced critical thinking skills” is beyond him.

The only thing it can do is make him pretend to be straight just to cum. This seems similar to forcing prisoners to be gay.

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Can Chastity Turn a Gay Man into a Straight Man?
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