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This was posted as a comment on one of my other blogs.

Chastity Mistress Queen

One of favorite all time masturbation fantasies is that I am being forced to jerk off in front of a woman called “The Chastity Queen”. As I masturbate in front to her she tells me this will be the last orgasm I ever had and that she is going to lock my little useless cock up in an escape proof chastity cage for the rest of my life right after I spurt out my last orgasm.

She tells me my little 4 inch erection (that is my true size) cannot please a woman and locking it up forever is simply the right thing to do. She tells me she will provide my wife with ample well hung men to please her (I fantasize my wife is in the room watching all)and that I will be used as a clean up boy and a fluff boy, being forced to suck on and make hard the cocks that will now enter my wife. For the rest of my life I will watch my wife being sexually satisfied by other men while my pathetic little penis hangs pitifully in its permanent cage.

The fantasy makes me come extremely hard but No, I wouldn’t actually want to be locked up forever. I do own a chastity cage and my wife and I play using it time to time but I never go more than a weekend of wearing it.

A not uncommon orgasm denial fantasy. Thankfully he’s able to distinguish what is possible from what is batshit crazy.

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