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Victorian Male Chastity

19th Century devices for preventing male orgasms or masturbation.

Overmasturbation : The Myth

Frequent wanking is often described as a moral weakness and even described as a disease often by those who hope to profit from the masturbating male’s fear and guilt.

Jesus Watches You Masturbate

Christine O'Donnell, God, Republicans all believe in male chastity.

Do You Masturbate Too Often, Much?

Are you guilty of excessive masturbation. Is your overmasturbation a problem that requires a male chastity device to control?

Anti-Masturbation Patch

Biochemical medical device to cure men of overmasturbation (joke).

Dangers of Overmasturbation

Bilingual, illustrated guide to the health risks and spiritaul dangers of frequent wanking.

Masturbation Prevention Poster

Seeking to control your excessive wanking? Keep this man in your mind.

Male Chastity : Bad for Your Health?

Does male orgasm denial lead to heart attacks and strokes? Is chastity unhealthy?

Illicit Self-Lover

Man's twice-a-day wanking schedule upsets his wife who also complains that he lasts too long when when they have sex.

Anti-Masturbatory Products

Enforce male chastity with chewing gum, air freshener and cream.

Anti-Masturbation Technology

Shock That Penis

American science fights the evils of masturbation and onanism.


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