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Femdom penectomy.

Regularly I receive communications from men assuring me of their profound inferiority to women. They advise me that they are worthless and fit only to be enslaved by a female.

A frequent assertion is that they don’t deserve to have sex and propriety demands they be forbidden orgasms forever. Hence the need for those expensive and imperfect male chastity devices. MCDs can be such a bother: it can be difficult to buy one that fits well, the clever man can elude the promised security.

Now some men opt to have themselves castrated. Naively they expect the operation to rid them of their wicked male sexual appetite. Castration doesn’t work that way. You may not produce semen but you can still achieve an erection, enjoy friction and have an orgasm. Eunuch made good guardians of the harem because they were unable to reproduce not because they couldn’t commit coitus.

So castration isn’t the perfect form of male orgasm denial some men think.

A man who is serious about permanently and irrevocably ending his sex life should choose to have a penectomy. Once his cock has been chopped off he won’t have to worry about MCDs, cleaning or ever failing his vow of chastity. (Perhaps the Vatican should adopt this for priests.)

You can have the surplus flesh stuffed and mounted and your Mistress-Wife can display this as a trophy on the mantle. Imagine how delighted she will be to be married to a man who no longer has a penis. And the envy of all her women friends.

And you can still be moved to involuntary ejaculation by prostate massage.

So if you are a male of absolutely no value, deserving nothing call your doctor today and tell him you want a penectomy. Won’t he be surprised.

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An alternative to the expense and embarrassment of a penectomy is the use of hormone replacement. They can be ordered on line without Rx from in the transgender section. 4mg per day, Estrofem a 17betaoestrogen, the same that is produced in genetic women.

He will need to have a periodic blood test to check homone levels. We don’t want those annoying mood swings do we.

Almost immediately the sperm rate falls to zero. After a very few weeks the the libido collapses penis will no longer maintain an erection and shortly thereafter will not become erect at all. The condition is nearly irreversible. The penis actually seems to become smaller due to the constant flaccid state.

For more striking results add 100mg per day of Sperolactone.

What you have is a chemically castrated male. Who will be totally submissive to your will and your whims. He will never stray because he is no longer sexually functional as a man. He will delight you with is change toward feminine emotions and outlook.

Did I mention boobs? He will become quite perky as a teen girl.

Just a suggestion.


Hi Bev, write to me, [email deleted], maybe we can work something out on your process on me

To be owned by a Mistress that would have my cock cut off would be a dream come true.

why would she want to save it? better still she should make the male eat it for dinner!

I’d like to know if it hurts a lot, my fiance has been talking a lot about totally removing EVERYTHING a lot. I already do everything for her, she is the smart one and earns all the money, i just take care of the house and I’m totally dedicated to her, but I trust her and we’re going to go through with it. Are there questions I should ask my doctor? We’ll be taking a vacation to the Philipines, and I guess, theres no going back, is this right for me, how do I know?

I really like your adendum about hormones, it makes so much more sense.

about 5 years knaw i have wonted my cock cutting off and cooked and eat it but from the age of 13 i have wonted to have my balls cut off and eat them as well i am 54 and still wont my cock and balls cutting off so i can eat them and that bag of skin under my cock

I love the picture.

That is how a man should surrender himself to the wife and let the wife have the absolute option of when to cut or not to cut at all.

If i was to have my cock cut off and it would be cooked and to be eaten up and it will make a differant of my life style .This way I’mt not so horny at all.

I would love to have a mistress take my cockhead…any ladies interested?

I have been permitted to make this comment:- As a permanently chastised companion - my lady doesn’t like the word slave - I would - if I may - fully endorse the idea of penectomy for permanently chastised males provided there are not medical reasons preventing it. Chastity devices have their limitations and are uncomfortable. This discomfort is useful for showing the slave the permanence of his situation and the futility of resistance to his total submission but once he is completely conditioned and submissive penectomy would be a complete and final finish to his enslavement. From then he and his mistress can get on with their life-style. Castration is not the preferred choice compared to penectomy since penectomy retains “sexual desire” that castration removes but both are as permanent - the unrequited desire is what makes the slave totally submissive in a way that castration does not. The methods often employed are that the urethra is retained although the remainder of the penis is removed and relocated behind the scrotum for sit-down peeing - or that the the penis is simply cut off at its base with a small tube inserted into the urethra to permit peeing during healing. This latter method can be problematic - infection control and /or bladder control as the penis helps with bladder function. Two methods I submit would be worth considering are 1: Where the removal at - or near - the base is preferred a metal tube be inserted into the urethra and a elestorator band be placed on the penis so that it crushes onto the tube as in castration but still permitting peeing whilst the penis dies - it could then be removed later with the band and tube. 2: That the same approach be employed but only the head be removed - making the penis far less sensitive - then a small light weight chastity tube be permanently fitted onto the penis stump thus removing the ability for any sexual activity with minimum interference to bladder control. Lastly I would respectfully urge all mistress to be strong in their will-power once such a step is embarked upon but be kind and gentle - but firm when necessary - to their slaves once this final step is taken - reminding the slave that all of this is for his own good within their lifestyle. Thank you.

more Mistresses need to use hormonal reduction on their man . it is safer , and delivers more lasting mental & physical change that will weaken him & empower his Mistress

Castration is important and vital to any lasting female led relationship. Sex is generally a brief intense encounter between myself as mistress and my choice of lover. It usually has nothing to do with the subservient male’s service. Sex is not necessary for a competent servant in a female led relationship. Castration and eventual penectomy should be a long term goal for any male in a long term female led relationship. These steps need to be earned after years of faithful and appropriate services. Chemical castration is an easy, affordable and available first step. Anti-androgens are available at a low cost on 50 Milligrams per day of cyproterone over two or three months will have a profoundly calming and peaceful effect on any household males. Long term chem castration will become permanent, allowing your male to be ready for surgical castration and then eventual penectomy.

go ahead. clip my cockhead

Love ,


the iddea of a penis being chopped off turns me on

I can see by reading various blogs & stories that ther are a lot of sadistic women and some demented men. In a way I suppose thes men that want to be ruined as men are doing the strong men a favor by taking their sorry ass out of the gene pool

I wonder if Teddy the guy going to the philipines ever got his cock cut off? Some of you guys that want this should talk to some war veterans that were caught by (bouncing betty) land mines might give a different view on this idea

It would turn me on to see a man’s big fat cock cut off then mounted and displayed as a trophy!

Any dom who would take a sub that is so pathetic is equally pathetic. Granted as a fantasy it might be interesting but remember superman flying is a fantasy too. Don’t be the person who tries to imitate superman.

Penectomy is very, very rare. Castration is very uncommon but people actually have it done. There was a man here in North Carolina - “Master Rick” - who was arrested after it was discovered he was running an unlicensed, informal castration service for nutty masochists.

I realy want someone to cut my cock&balls off.

The thought of having my cock cut off has always appealed to me. When Faye at work would threaten me with those scissors I got an instant erection every time. She either liked me or hated me, I never found out. Eating my own cock has me salivating too - I wonder what it would taste like.

I’m wearing a chastity cage right now, but I can’t help but feel that it would be SO MUCH better if my “sissy clitty” was simply trimmed off and given to me to eat- whole and raw.
The thought of being forever trapped with swollen blue balls, and no means of relieving them, is a paradise of torture that I’d love.

i post penectomy captions (and related captions) on penectomy dot tumblr dot com

i am deffinatly getting my glans cut off 100 percent no doubt about it and really soon

cut off my cock please

Hi All, I am seeking a woman who is turned on by the thought of castrating me, and cutting off my cock, and keeping me afterwards, long term, as her neutered pussy licker. I’d like very much to fall madly in love with her, and treat her as my Queen. Should you be a woman that is interested, please find me as SeekinCastratrix on collarme tod com. It’s free to join, then you can send me messages, OK? I have nothing else to do with the site - just a user of it.

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